Poppers – GOLD-2-red

Fetish Vector Hanky Code Arrow for poppers fetish / GOLD 2 red

Representing Poppers, the Hanky Code V2 colors: Gold from the classic rush bottle and the lightning bolt’s red.

poppers H2 Hanky code
Poppers - GOLD-2-red 5

Poppers have long been a mystery to the outside. Harmless even non-drug and non-habit forming a literal ‘Rush’ and flush which relaxes the body, and gets openings, well… more open.
Of the many brands of poppers including Jungle Juice, Pac West Distributing (PWD), Amsterdam , English and more….
RUSH brand began the craze and according to survey’s from Poppers4U.com remains the MOST POPULAR POPPERS BRAND!

Rush Poppers Online
Poppers - GOLD-2-red 6

Australia has even moved to legalize poppers to be sold in drug stores, adding even more credibility! Hi there, I’d like a pack of Trojans, some Swiss Navy Lube and a Rush Black label. thanks mate!

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