Fetish Vector List

Below is the Fetish Vector list – flagging hanky codes for ALL.
When a single color is listed the code is one of the Original hankie codes. New Fetish Vectors have 2 colors.

Tap on the role to generate a fetish Avatar (FETatar) of yourself flagging your favorite fetish.

fetish Color Code active passive
bootsBLACK 2 brownboot wearerboot worship
MASTER/slaveBLACK 2 greenMasterslave
floggingBLACK 2 purpleImpact throwerimpact receiver
leathermanBLUE 2 blackLeathermanseeks leatherman
SIR/boy BLUE 2 greenSIRboy
electroCOPPER 2 silverElectro play DOMcurrent receiver
chastityPURPLE 2 grayKey holdercaged
suspensionMUSTARD 2 graySuspension Domsuspension subject
soundsYELLOW 2 silverSounding Topsound receiver
poppersGOLD 2 dark.redpopper coachgooner
Heavy S&M BLACKHeavy SM Top Heavy SM Bottom
latex gearCHARCOALlatex fetish toplatex fetish bottom
BondageGRAYBondage topfit to be tied
Shibari GRAY 2 beigeShibari RiggerShibari – rope bunny
business manGRAY 2 limeowns a suitlikes men in suits
sensory deprivationGRAY 2 oliveSensory Controlsensory deprived
celebritySILVER 2 limecelebritystarfucker
pumpingGRAY 2 pinkpump toppump me up
pornBLACK 2 creamporn: takes videosporn: performer
uniformsairforce.BLUE 2 graywears uniform worship uniforms
flightairforce.BLUEpilot/flight attendantlikes flyboys
analBLUEAnal Top Anal Bottom
oral play light.BLUEwants headcocksucker
cop playmedium.BLUEcopcopsucker
69 Positionrobinegg.BLUE69erNo 69 ing
CBTteal.BLUECBT – WhackerCBT – smack me
sailorsBLUE 2 creamsailorlookin’ for salty seamen
boxer underwearlight.BLUE 2 creamwears boxer shortslikes boxer shorts
scat playBROWNscat topscat bottom
uncircumcisedBROWN 2 tanuncutlikes uncut
tattooBROWN 2 copperhas tattooslikes tattoos
CigarsTANsmokes cigarslikes cigars
circumcisedBROWN 2 pinkcutlikes cut
school playBROWN 2 creamheadmasterstudent
daddy / sonGREENdaddydaddy’s boy
militaryOLIVEmilitary topmilitary bottom
gearOLIVE 2 orangewears geargear worship
Temperature RED 2 bluetemp controltemp receiver
bearRED 2 brownfurry bearlikes bears
massageFUSCHIA 2 tanI massage you Massage me
pup CORAL 2 greenpup ownerpuppy
hypnosisPURPLE 2 greenhypnoDOMhypno sub
toe playCORALsuck my toessucks toes
nipple playdark.PINKNipple Twistertwist my nips
spanking playFUSCHIAspankerspankee
dildo playlight.PINKdildo topDildo Fan
pit playMAGENTAsuck my pitsarmpit freak
blade playMAROONblade – cutsblade – bleeds
navel playMAUVEnavel topnavel worshipper
Drag QueenLAVENDERDrag Queenlikes drag queens
piercing playPURPLEpiercerpiercee
double widedark.RED2-handed fister2-handed fistee
fistingREDFIST fuckerFist fuckee
cowboyRUSTcowboycowboy’s horse
Jock StrapsPURPLE 2 creamwear jockstrapworship jockstrap
park sexdark.RED 2 creampark sex toppark sex bottom
shave playRED 2 cream shavershavee
voyuer CREAM 2 blacklikes to watchwill put on a show
safe sexCREAM 2 pinksafe sex topsafe sex bottom
milking playHOLSTEINmilkermilking bull
jack off CREAM beat my meat (J/O)I’ll do us both (J/O)
muscleboysGOLD 2 limemuscle boy topmuscle boy bottom
group playGOLDtwo looking for oneone looking for two
chub APRICOTchubchubby chaser
everythingORANGEanything anytimejust cruising
hung 8+MUSTARDHung 8″ + Looking for 8+
spit playpale.YELLOWspitsdrool crazy
watersportsYELLOWWS – tapWS – drain

Can’t find your fetish? The expanded Fetish Vector : Hank Code for All is built to grow. Send us a comment with the fetish and lets explore adding it… Recently added: Massage, Hypnosis, Pup Play.

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