Gooners Unite!

poppers H2 Hanky code
about a minute ago

Remember the handkerchief code? Mostly RED fisting, Blue fucking and Yellow piss…
Occasionally Black for SM , grey for bondage…
But what color is Popper-Bating?? Our own HANKY Code V2 bator symbol..

Hanky Code v2 , or Hanky2 uses a 2 color arrow instead which opens up the option for lots of combinations to represent every kink / fetish out there!
The arrow has an ‘OUTER’ color (wide/CAPS) and an ‘inner’ color (narrow/lowercase) for quick spotting at the hardware store, grocery or (hopefully post covid) the club.

Instead of left and right, the arrow DIRECTION tells the story:
Pointed UP means TOP (left pocket) and pointed DOWN means bottom (right pocket).

HANKY2 got some bators together and CAME up with GD2rd
the GOLD OUTER and dark-red inner…
A tip-of-the-hat to the Classic Rush Yellow and Red bottle colors..

Fetish Vector Hanky Code Arrow for poppers fetish / GOLD 2 red
Gooners Unite! 6

Rush Poppers Online

Take a look at the Original Rush Poppers bottle, and the inspiration becomes obvious

Our appreciation goes out the the guys at popperbate for weighing in on the color codes. Explore more of the hanky 2 colors codes with GOLD and RED

Get your own picture in a Popper Hanky Code Pair Frame use the link below to send an email with a picture, then post your picture to your favorite bate site, or social media.

Popper Gooner Hanky Code Pair


Popper Coach Hanky Code Pair

popper bottle with dv8 brand and popper coach fetish pair up
Gooners Unite! 7

2 thoughts on “Gooners Unite!”

  1. Something we didn’t know we needed, until seeing it!
    Good to be included as part of the community..
    Thanks for thinking of and bators everywhere!

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